Learn More About Russell Johnson’s Gambling Blog

This page was meant to provide users with some information regarding my background, both as a blogger as well as a gambler, and the history of this gambling blog and what made it such a great success among other similar websites.

Having inherited the gambling passion from my father, who was also a famous gambler during his time, I have constantly tried to document myself as much as possible in order to attain a better prepared “hand” as gamblers would say. A gambling creed gradually developed and in the end, I decided it was best that I would share all that I have learned so far about gambling with others, therefore helping those who were just at the beginning of their gambling experience.

Thus, the idea of this blog was formed; a place where people could read useful information about gambling, casinos, various games and other relevant aspects that could be of importance in gambling.

Since at the time when the blog was first established, the resources were limited in terms of information about online gambling and related resources, the idea of a place where people could obtain relevant information was very well received by the readers, who left numerous testimonials that emphasize positive feedback.

I hope, both as a gambler and as a blogger, that this blog and its posts about the different aspects of gambling will serve the better purpose of helping those who require guidance for the general or specific aspects of gambling, be it Slots, Poker, Roulette, classic casino games or their different bonuses.

Having a proper attitude when it comes to gambling is very important and this will set the future of those who wish to continue gambling. For more information about the different facets of gambling, everyone is invited to have a look on the different posts on the blog.