Free Spins – A Constructive Strategy

Since I have talked about free spins as casino bonuses in one of the previous blog posts, I have decided to also present some information about how gamblers can use the free spins to their advantage, and rely on a constructive strategy for increasing their earnings.

Taking advantage of casino bonuses can be seen as a tactic by itself and during the many years which I have been a professional gambler, I have noticed many players resorting to this technique. By observing what different casino bonuses offer to the game play and by building up a strategy, players can eventually start increasing their funds only from the bonuses.

free-spinsIf we take the specific case of the free spins present at the slot machines, one can see the potential of developing a bonus gambling strategy quite easily. Since most of the time, the free spins will offer gamblers a “cascading” type of bonus that is an ideal opportunity for developing a bonus earning strategy.

The first step in developing a strategy is to become acquainted with the different symbols that yield free spins in slots. As mentioned before, such symbols are often times called “scatter” symbols and most casinos will have them demonstrated in their description of the slot machines. Each of the different scatter symbols may bring different bonuses in terms of free spins – 5, 10, 50 free spins, etc. and therefore knowing which symbols bring the most free spins can be quite useful.

Once players have become comfortable with different symbols and their various corresponding free spins, it is time to “hunt” those symbols in order to benefit from as many free spins as possible. However, one critical aspect that gamblers must take into consideration is the wager locks on the free spins. These entail that once players have received a bonus of a certain number of free spins with a specific wager attached to it, the winnings of that free spins session will only be eligible for withdrawal if the player attains the maximum potential bonus, represented by the number of free spins and times the wager amount.